Downline Notes-Navigating Customer Orders With OEX (Order Entry Express) 101-A

Hello, Downline Crew!

These pages are created specifically for you to help you to navigate our Online Ordering System (OEX).  We're going to start with a Customer Order "recipe card" or 101-A.  It is very similar to the Demonstrator Ordering System so you should find that easier when we get to it!

Remember!  You can always contact Ree!  I'm here to help!  By the way,  I must give credit for this "booklet" to my Monday stamper, Eileen, who overheard a couple of my crew talking with me about their frustration with OEX.  Eileen formulated a plan for me to have a document for my gals to place their orders more easily.

So here we go!  I'm going to use a quick list of tasks first and then 101-B will have a series of screenshots so that you have a great reference guide!  (Don't be put off by the number of bullet points!  I really want to give you a step by step, detailed tutorial so that you would not get lost!  Onward!!  :-)

Placing a Customer Order:
  • Sign in with your user name and password.
  • On the Homepage, click on Ordering
  • Click on Customer Order
  • Click on the Drop Down Menu to choose your customer or create a new customer by clicking on the New Customer button.   Choose whether you want the order delivered to you or the customer!
  • When you finish, Click Continue.
  • This will bring you to the merchandise order form.
  • Type your product number in the Item # box and click Enter on your keyboard or Add next to the Item # box.
  • When you are finished adding items, Click on Continue in the lower right corner.
  • This takes you to screen that you use to order hostess credits if they have been earned.
  • If none have been earned, there will be a message saying so.
  • Click Continue.  If no 1/2 price items have been earned, there will be a message saying so.
  • Click Continue.  You are now at a page that allows you to divide up shipping if this needs to be done.  If the customer is paying the full shipping, enter $6.95 by the customer's name and Click Calculate.
  • Click Next.
  • The next screen allows you to change shipping preferences if you wish.  Click Next to proceed.
  • This screen lets you choose whether or not your customer is using a credit card.
  • If they are paying cash, you'll see a screen showing their full payment due.
  • If they are paying with a Credit Card, choose that button.
  • This takes you to a screen that shows the customer total in Red.  Click "Edit" under Customer Payment.
  • The next screen shows Payment Options.  Choose Alternate Credit Card.
  • This takes you to a screen that takes the billing information and Credit Card info for your customer.  You will need:  Name, Address, Phone #, Credit Card (Visa, MC etc.) Credit Card number and Expiration Date.
  • You're almost there!!
  • Keep clicking "Next" and you will reach the Promised Land, where you Check the box that states "I have verified the order to be correct....."
  • Then click Submit Order.
  • The next screen gives you an opportunity to print out your order and save it to your computer in a pdf format.  Hooray for you!  You did it!
Check out 101-B for a series of screenshots to help you know what to expect to see on the screen when you are placing your order.

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