Hostess Clubs

Our Hostess Club is an Online Hostess Club so no one has to worry about refreshments or getting the house ready!! Your Hostess Club is made up of 4-6 members, each agreeing to purchase a minimum of $37.50 in merchandise each month.  
4 members = 4 months
6 members = 6 months
You'll each receive:
*Any Stampin' Up Catalogs that are current.
*The Tutorial of the Month--Free.
*The benefits of any specials taking place during your Hostess Month!
* One of my local classes--Free!
 When it's your turn to be the Hostess, you also get to choose the benefits based on the chart below.
I'll collect the orders and send them in on the 25th of the month and you'll get your merchandise each month and your Hostess Awards when it is your turn to select!
Just let me know!
Email me at to save your place in our Online Hostess Club.

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