Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hilton Head Stamping! Card Making Animal Outing & Lilypad Lake

Hello, my stamping friends!

We've just returned from Hilton Head, where I always get a huge shot of inspiration from my sister-in-law, Cindy and our wonderful friend, Linda!  Linda is in my level one team and Cindy is in Linda's level one team.  So.....creativity abounds!  Here is what I walked in to upon our arrival!  It took my breath away.  The colors!  The layouts!  These gals are just amazing.  Needless to say, you'll be seeing many of THEIR ideas in Ree's cards in the future!!

Somebody was certainly a busy bee prior to my arrival.  The cards on this side are Linda's and on the opposite side are Cindy's!  Enjoy!

Here are the cards we'll make in this week's classes.  We also made them in Hilton Head.  Lilypad Lake is such a versatile and perfectly coastal set.  I know everyone will enjoy these projects.  For these, I'm casing 2 of the cards created by Oksana Semenska at her catalog reveal yummy barbecue and stamp class.  I just loved them and couldn't wait to make more.  You can never have too many egret cards.  Thank you, Oksana!!  You can see more of Oksana's beautiful work at

And here is (finally) one of my originals using Animal Outing.  I just love these Aussie cuties.  Can't wait to send it to our Aussi friends, Colin and Judy!  You can't tell from the pic, but Momma's pouch and baby koala are poochy. I achieved that using a stylus on the wrong side of the paper.  Be sure to use a thick piece of foam underneath to get maximum results.

Have a lovely, crafty week, everyone!!

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