Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hello, Stampers!

I hope you are loving (in Florida!) this lovely, sunny weather.  It does not get better than this!  Even got a few rays while cleaning up the back patio.

Here are two of my creations for next week's classes (It's a 4-class week!).  Love it!

Oops!  Looks like my sentiment slipped.  I wanted to make this card a little more versatile, so instead of sticking it down, I left the backing on my dimensionals.  "Happy Birthday" is an alternate sentiment.  :-) Yes, I'm making extra good use of my classes with Oksana Semenska!  I CASE'd the umbrella girl card that we made at her class a week or so ago.  See her GOJUS work at

I just love those little envelope framelits!  They are going to be around here for a very long time.  Also, I'm soooo happy that Stampin' Up has returned the stitched framelits to us!  Yayyyyy!

I am a real doof.  Many nice messages have gone right by me.  Today, I stumbled upon a page where I can see every message that has been sent to me.  Please send me a message and I WILL get back to you!!!

Happy Stamping!!!!

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