Saturday, October 22, 2016

Card Making With Art Gallery Cards

Hello, Stampers!

Finally back to normal.  After the preparations, evacuation, return to no power (at least we had water!) for four days and I'm sure all of you know the rest, we got back to normal.  Well, that is until Thursday when the power company finally arrived to take care of the fallen line in our back yard.  Unfortunately, power had to be turned off to our home and 6 others for "2 hours".  Thankfully 7 1/2 hours later power was restored and we could wind up cords, turn off the generator that we fortunately still had and take a breath.

Ah.......the mundane is so wonderful after chaos, isn't it?  And yet, we were so fortunate compared to many that faced the full wrath of Matthew, certain to take it off the list of popular names for newborns!

Our Art Gallery Cards Classes met on Monday and Cocoa Beach Stampers met on Wednesday.  Here are some of our creations!  Enjoy and CASE as you like!

We covered Christmas, Fall/Thanksgiving and Halloween this week.
Merry Tags!
Swirly Bird Wreath
 Sheltering Fall Tree
 Spooky Quilt Card--Well, not so much!  :)

Happy Stampin' Hugs,

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