Monday, May 25, 2015

The New Graduate

Hello, Stampers!

This post seemed to take on a life of its own as soon as I began typing.  I know many of you are attending graduations at this time of year.  What an exciting time for all.  For all of the parents that feel like "We did it!" and the teachers that helped so many students along for so many years, I say "Thank you and bless you for all that you have invested in these young people.  It's not always easy being a good parent or a good teacher.  There are so many decisions to make day to day.  I've always said that life is a series of pop quizzes and is it ever so!!
I have to admit feeling lonely for the Abby, the sweet little curly-haired girl, the little violinist, the soccer girl, the "kid-nurse" on the soccer field, the volleyball player and coach, the angel in the Christmas play, the little Daisy and Brownie, the Jessie costume and our Babapaloozas.  I wouldn't even mind a daylong viewing of "Jungle Book" or "Lion King" again.  In fact, I'd love to go back and re-live a day with each of those little girls and young ladies. But, time marches on and we hope that you, too, look to the future with great hope.

Congratulations, Abigail Elisabeth Cordrey.  We wish you the very best of life and success.  Much love to you, dear girl!

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