Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Spring Re-Organization of My Stamping Studio

Hi, Stampers!

I spend lots of time, as I'm sure many of you do, organizing and re-organizing my space.  I took a look at my arrangement and decided to really move some things that were just creating a "cluttery" look!

My space is nice and big but.....I have very little wall space.  The good news is that I have lots of natural light and I have multiple work areas.  In fact, I created a new space for my stamping.  I was looking into purchasing a new desk to complement my "stand up" stamping/work area.  I then realized that I could use the sweet little wicker desk and chair (that I've had forever) that were doing nothing but holding a hideous XM radio and a phone.  The radio went to Nate's workbench, the phone went to a small table and I now have a pretty view of my orchids, succulents, geraniums and the birdfeed that is visited regularly by Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal.  Perfect.

Here are some pictures of my room!
My Stamp 'n Storage ribbon storage.  The drawers hold my Bigz Dies.

My card carousels
My cutting station with "Big Carl" , my Big Shot and off to the side is my TV so that I can watch HGTV. 

I love my new little stamping space with a view.
More pictures are coming!!


  1. Your stamp areas are great - and I love the desk in front of the window with your plants on the other side. Do you have an enclosed patio to stamp in? I'm trying to picture the areas. I envy you, Ms. Ree.

  2. Thank you, Mike! I DO count myself very fortunate to have so much space. Our patio is very much open to the elements but that's okay because we get to watch the cardinals and squirrels come for a snack. :-) Actually my stamp room was the patio originally and was enclosed sometime between 1964 and when we moved here in 1986. Thank you for commenting!!!