Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Life After Leadership! Inspiration From Linda!

Hello, Stampers!

Back from Leadership and ready to get back to some card making fun!  So much inspiration!  Linda and I had a fabulous time but we want to save an entire row of seats for our team at the next event--like so many were doing at Leadership!  No matter!  We had great seats for everything!

Tips for Blackberry Bliss and Other Juicy Ink Pads!
I case'd two of Linda's projects for this Monday's Art Gallery Cards classes.  We had a great time making both designs but we ended up pretty inky!  I learned a lot (Too bad it took two classes for me to learn!  :-)) about Blackberry Bliss Ink.  The pad is soooo juicy that instead of "bunny-hopping" 3 times, our usual MO, gentle, gentle tapping of the stamp in one of the corners will help to avoid an inky mess on the block!  Thereafter, if you're using the same stamp, tap (oh so gently) one time and the stamp and block will not be overly-inked.  Cleaning many stamps for two classes left me with the inkiest fingers of all though a few gals also had glorious blackberry fingers!!  Cleanup after dinner took care of the ink and a sink full of soapy water took care of the Stamp 'n Scrub pads and the photopolymer blocks and stamps!  All ready for Thursday's class!!

Great job, gals!  Real stampers have inky fingers!!


  1. Awesome cards. I had same issue with Blackberry Bliss. I just let stamp settle into ink pad applying slight pressure and never tap.

  2. I really enjoyed making those cards Monday, Ree. Especially the one with Blackberry Bliss. My fingers are clean and I don't look like I was making wine with my hands.

  3. Thank you, gals! Linda, I'm a believer!! Mike, hehhheeeee! After, 2 classesI definitely looked like I'd been making "handmade" wine!!

    I'm thrilled to get your comments!!