Sunday, February 1, 2015

Leadership Convention Update!

Hello, Stampers!

Sighhhhhhh...We're back from the final Leadership Convention but we're looking forward to all of the new events that Stampin' Up has for us!  We had a wonderful time, Downline Diva, Linda Williamson and I, trying out new products, watching demonstrations and attending meetings that inspired us both artistically and heart-wise!  

Changes may come and go but what is important is that we do what we do and we share what we do because it comes from our hearts! My stamping friends make a huge difference in my life, so let me say a heartfelt "thank you" to all of you, my dear friends!  You make a difference in the life of so many with whom you share your lovely cards.  As our CEO/Founder Shelli Gardner said, "Go! Do!"  Pretty simple, huh?

Here are Linda and I on the final day of fun, walking (lots!!) and chilly meeting rooms!  I was so happy to feel the sunshine today on our walk to our local park but I am reminded that most of the 1600 ladies in attendance were traveling back to very cold climes and snow!  We are truly blessed to live in Florida!

We received plenty of free supplies!  I loved getting them, even though I already have most of them, because I can use them for prizes for YOU!!  

What Have I Learned?  I have set some goals for myself:
*Conduct a kit class once a month (more on February's class to come!
*Take better pictures!!  :-)
*Post on the blog at least once a week.
*Learn how to film really good YouTube technique videos. (Well, first I need a tripod.....)
There are about 10 other goals but I'll start here!
I am still determined to expand my blog feed readership, so look for a contest to help me get started there.  (Even if you are already a follower, you have a chance to win!)
Off to prepare for Monday and Thursday classes!
Have a wonderful week and I hope you find time to be creative!!!

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