Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Oh, What Fun! Halloween Pop-Up Explosion Card!

Vintage stamps and a new idea (for me!).  I've been intimidated by all of those complicated pop-up explosion cards but once I got down to it, it was not that difficult.  The biggest problem is choosing the cute pop-ups from all of the wonderful elements that Stampin' Up has made available to us!

We featured sparkly ghosts (upside down owls!) and cute stamps from years gone by, since it's not quite time to unveil the adorable Halloween stamps in the Holiday catalog!  Soon, though!  Soon!

Our efforts were rewarded at the Monday Art Gallery Cards classes with over-the-top and fun Halloween cards!  I gleaned some of the basic construction information from a treasure trove of YouTube videos!  Check them out!!  I liked this one because the measurements for scoring are easy to remember:  2", 4", 6", 8"!!

Here are our cute creations and our cute creators :-)!  

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