Thursday, July 10, 2014

Family Fun!

Hi, Stampers!

Aren't we all so lucky to have wonderful family members and family fun!!!???  And then on top of it, we get to spend time with wonderful stamping friends creating and just enjoying life together.  Thank you so much, my stamping friends!!  You mean the world to me too.

Last weekend we watched sweet Dixie Belle while "mom and dad" (my daughter Deb and son-in-law Steve) enjoyed a much deserved getaway.  She is a love and is a great watchdog.  Next week we get to have her stay with us again while her "people", Deb, Steve and grands, Abby, Emma, Marade and Trevor are vacationing in the Keys.  Dixie is very camera-shy but I tried snapping her without putting the camera up to my face and that seemed to work.  Sorry that I didn't get all of Whylie and Presh to Dixie's right.

Here's Nate, ready to ride a Waco 37 Bi-Plane, an 85th birthday gift from his son, Mark.  Nate still fits in his USAF flight suit and was like a little kid!  My photography of the event is horrible.  (I couldn't actually see much of anything in the viewfinder due to the strong sunlight.  Daufhter-In-Law Kimmy, Mark and my friend Cindy watched from the end of the Cocoa Beach Pier.  He had a blast and you get a prize if you email bi-plane to me.

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