Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Reaaaaaally Big Week of Stamping Fun!!

Hey, Stampin' Chicas!

Another fun Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for this girl!!
Our cards this week were the "hair gel" seascape card, with many thanks to Brandy Cox for her most excellent and informative video and to friend/stamper Barbara Young for bringing this absolutely amazing card to my attention!!

Our stampers made beeeeeyooteeful cards! They are so pretty that I want to make more of the designs just when I look at the pictures!
Good job, Chicas!
We started off the week right by stamping all day at the Gallery!
Above you see our morning group (facing the camera from left) Lori, Mike and Kathy.  So happy to have first time with us (but very experienced
stamper) in our group this week!  Welcome, Kathy!!
No, your eyes aren't fuzzy!  My bad
photography!  Asking for a new camera
for my birthday!!
From left:  Bea, Elfi, Barb, Donna and Lori.
Our Framelits Christmas card.  Looooove it!
PM Stampers Sharon, Phyllis and Joan.
The other end of the table:  Joan,
Debby, Becky and Jo!

Who knew hair gel could be so cool!  I used
Dep because it had a blue cast to it.

Intrepid Titusville Art League Stampers:
Linda, Susan and Sharon! 
 Email me the word "pearls" and they go to the first respondent.  Calling all
Titusville crafters!  Join us!

SOS Tuesday Night Stampers!
We met at Vera's house!  Thank you
for your hospitality, Vera!!
From left--Alice, Claudia (hidden :-(),
Cindylou, Susan and Donna.
Michelle (celebrated her 30th with us), Trudy,
Donna and Vera.

Happy Stampin', everyone!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sweet and Simple--A Quick Post Before I Take To the Skies!

Hi, Gals!  I wanted to at least get our Gallery up before I had to take off!

We had such fun with two much easier but still fabulous cards this week!  Below you see the most wonderful gals ever!  Thanks to all and my apologies to Susan and Linda for not getting a picture of them on Wednesday!
Next week holds another fun day!  A cool Christmas card and
a "hair gel" card.  Thanks to Brandy Cox for that idea!

Back soon!
Stampin' Hugs!
P.S.  Couldn't resist putting my "Mad Men" avatar down below.
Yes, having grown up in the "accordian belt" of America,
I played from 7 years old until I was 12.  I still have it!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pop Up Greeting Card and White on White--Lots of Pictures!

Yes, I am crazy!!  Fortunately my intreprid 
groups of stampers are always up
for anything I throw at them!!
Here is a scrapbook of our classes this week.
We started each class with an over the top
floating pop up card that featured lots of
Secret Garden stamping and cut outs using
the framelits.  Besides the 28 or so basic
pieces of the card (not counting embellishments),
we stamped, punched for about 1 1/2 hours
to complete our first card!  (Thanks for
bringing the extra Big Shot and framelits!  It
saved us 15 minutes in our morning class!!
We then made a simple white on white Christmas
card that is ultra elegant.  Thanks to
Trish Myers at
for the beautiful design!!
A closeup.
Morning Gals!  Bea, Elfi, Barb, Lori
& Mike.

PM Stampers Becky, Elsie, Phyllis,
Nancy, Becky and Jo.
Nancy, Gail and Natalie

TAL Stampers Sharon and Linda

Happy Stampin'!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Linda's Skort :) and TAL cards September 5!

Here's our inspiration for this coming week's cards!  Linda's skort!  I loved the colors and the black and white background.  Inspiration can be found in many places!  Can't wait to make cards with you this week:  Monday classes at the Gallery and a Wednesday Titusville Art League Class!

Here's our Thanksgiving card complete
with the
Bigz Top Note Die and
Framelits.  We texturized our card
base with the Chevron folder with gold
Encore ink stamped on the surace.
Our TAL Gals:  Patricia,
Sharon and Linda!  Looking
for more Titusville stampers
 to join us!  We have LOTS
of space!!
You may recognize our kitty--except
for the whimsical (maybe diabolical??:-)
kitty on the right hand side.  That's
our resident artist, Linda's version. So
fun and creative!!
Wow--2 posts in one week!  Have a great week
and don't forget to have creative fun!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cheri's Gift, Hello Kitty and Thankful!

I love my new Stampin' Oasis sign, created
by my wonderful friend and original
stamping mentor, Cheri Wenger.  Cheri
is a graphics artist and has her own
photography business.  Check out her wonderful
work at 
Live Life Creatively

AM Stampers are ready to go!
  Dianne, Bea, Elfi, Barb, Donna
and Mike!  Even though
it was Labor Day, our gals
"labored" intensively.  Someone
has to do it!!!
Some of our PM stampers:
Cindy Lou, Joan, Jo
and Debby.
Love those new Thinlits!
We definitely went for the
gold with this card!!
Gail at the Big Shot.
Here's our fun Hello Kitty card
Have a happy and creative week!
Let me know if I can be of creative help to you!!