Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Father's Day and Elegant Greeting Cards

Here are our Gallery AM stampers!
We had a fun time creating our two cards.
We finished in record time.  (Or was it
that we WEREN'T making the
Neverending card!! :-)
From left:  Kathy, Jane, Barb,
Bea and Mike.

Here are our Father's Day/Birthday
cards.  A little of the
old and a little of the new.  Next
time a cummerbund too!!
Here are shots of our embossed vellum
card.  I can't believe I've had
the vellum cardstock for over a year.
Thanks to my friend Linda, an SU Demo
in SC, for putting me on to the
Pinterest site, where I saw vellum
embossed with the 5th Ave. Floral
EB.  Monkey see......:-)
We had a fabulously full group of
PM stampers! Too fun!  We create
the same projects with
both groups.
From Left:  Gail, Helen, Sydney
Sharon, Marisa and Laurel.  I'm sorry
not to have gotten Laurel from the front.
She's too pretty to hide!
Here's the other end of the table.
I love it that new stampers' project
are just as fabulous anyone else's!
Way to go, Marisa!
From Left:  Marisa, Jo, Debby,
Nancy,Elsie, Joan & Lavinia.
Always lots of visiting and happy talk!

I can't wait to find more
beautiful and challenging projects
for our next Monday classes.
Thank you for visiting!!

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