Sunday, April 14, 2013

Ain't We Got Fun!!!

Oh the fun we had at our Fantastic Fun Fold Card Workshop on April 10.  Despite all the different stamps, punches and design options, everyone's card came out fabulously!  We even finished early.  I know these cards will be reserved for someone REALLY special.  Here are some pictures of the gals and their finished projects below.
From Left:  Bea, Valinda, Jane, Mike and Lori hard at play.  :-)
It "takes a village" and a whole lot of supplies to make this fun project.
Jane's finished project.  It was so thoughtful of Jane to dress in our project colors.  :-)
A closeup of the inside.
Some of the finished projects shown in various stages of opening.  Our final Fun Fold Workshop is this coming Wednesday!  Can't wait!

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