Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Cards!

Hi, Stampers!

We had a great time this past Monday creating two similar birthday cards.  The first was neutral/masculine and the second was pretty and pink.  Some stampers selected different greetings.  
Here's our Pretty and Pink card.  All a little different, all a little similar!  Great job, gals!!
Here's our more neutral/masculine version of the same card.  You also see above some of the greetings available to the gals to use for their cards.
Yes, we ALWAYS stamp and decorate the insides of our cards and decorate a pretty envelope too.  (ooh!  Bad lighting!)
I cased this card from Mary Fish, one of my favorite SU stampers.  Her clean and pretty designs always catch my eye!!  

Here are our brave, bold and creative Monday stampers!  What fun groups!
Our Monday am stampers:  (L to R) Gerri, Kathy, Mary & Mike.

Our afternoon stampers:  (L to R) Jo, Dianne, Helen, Phylis, Val and Joan.  Thanks to Joan and Jo for making kits up for Debby and Nancy, who could not be with us for this class.  Missed you, gals!!

Okay.........I know you want a hint about Monday's class!  Here is our first card.  It is unfinished and will have some really pretty additions to it by the time I see you on Monday!!  Our second card will be a bit less "complicated" but a beautiful sympathy, thinking of you, birthday or thank you card nonetheless!
It will be even MORE GOJUS when you've finished it!
Happy stamping hugs and inky fingers to all!
to sign up for the next Monday class!

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