Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fredericksburg "Nutsy" Sisters' Reunion!

This past weekend we gathered at the home of one of our Class of '63 classmates for a great reunion that included a lot of laughter and reminiscing and a little stamping on one chilly and damp afternoon.  We created, giggled and enjoyed making our watercolor crayon greeting card.  With the fireplaces roaring in Marge's beautiful and comfortable home, all of the gals made a beautiful card--a first for several.  Life is good!  I miss my Class of '63 friends but we all look forward to our 50th class reunion next year.  Here's is a quick look at some of our weekend activities!

Bobbie, "Turn Me Loose" Barb, Ree, Karen, Anne, Peggy, Nancy, Sally, Lois, Marge and Sharon
The Ohio State fans, Sally, Peggy, Marge, & Barb, spell out O-H-I-O.  They had plenty of victory dances as OSU scored more than 60 points!  (Our high school is in Canal Fulton, Ohio.)
Great cardmakers Sally, Bobbie, Barb, Karen, (Me), Peggy and Sharon.

Marge and Moses live on the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg, Va.  We (Karen, Ree, Sally, Peggy and Bobbie) hiked down to the beautiful, clear, swiftly running river.  (They have 5 acres of property.)  (Yes, I am looking pretty doofy in my skirt and an extra pair of Marge's gym shoes.)
Here's one of our "Nutsy" card games.  It looks like Karen just yelled  "Nutsy".  Sally and Bobbie won the first round.

To continue the perfection of a fun, warm and beautiful get-together, on our final morning together we had the good fortune to see a doe and her fawn just outside a downstairs window.  Peggy spotted it and alerted us.
Thank you, Marge, and all of the Class of '63 "Nutsy Sisters"!!

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