Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tulip Card and The High Seas!

Anchors Away!!

Greetings, Creative Chicas!!  Helen, Lavinia, Lisa and I met last Monday and created the two fun cards pictured above.  Our vase of tulips was created by punching.......and punching........and punching!  :-) We ended up with really pretty orchid-colored thank you cards.  Our second card was a masculine greeting card.  We used a variety of messages and the gals flexed their creativity mojo so each card was a little different and all were fabulous!!  Be the first to leave a comment on these projects and get a great bundle of stamping supplies.

Come join us at Mojo Mondays at the Gallery of Viera!


  1. I love this class. It is so easy to make beautiful cards when you have the right teacher and materials. I loved the kiss card and anything pink!

  2. Thank you sooooo much, Lavinia! Your kind words are greatly appreciated AND I'll bring you a bundle of materials at our next class! Thank you for leaving a comment!!

  3. Thank you for teh bundle. So many things to create with! I'll have to use some of the bundle to fiinish the triangle card. That is a neat card. I love cretaing in your class ( and coping Helen's ideas).

  4. Dear Card-ee-ologist,

    I look forward to seeing pink (perhaps shockingly so). I plan to check if you've lost any marbles... Your class is so much fun and I love that we do more than cards...bags, tiles.. oh what fun!

  5. Thank you, Lavinia! I must admit it is pure fun and enjoyment for me too!! Still looking for my marbles!! :-)