Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creative Mondays At The Gallery

Another super Monday at The Gallery!  These creative chicas are always up for a challenge, no matter how many small bits of this and that I give them!  I created the prototype birdhouse card from a card made originally by Kathryn Pritchard.  It is always a hit and so easily adapted for an anniversary, get well, "hello" or wedding shower card.

Here are the gals, busy creating!
Left to right:  Doreen, Lavinia, Helen and Judy showing off their handiwork.
By the way......Congratulations to Helen (our resident cardmaker/"real artist") and one of the Art Gallery Founders, for winning multiple awards this past weekend.  You can see her amazing work  by clicking this link! 

We also used a bright Island Indigo and Daffodil Delight to create a fun, retro greeting card.  Just sayin', if one of my students leaves a blog comment, they'll receive a prize this coming Monday at class.  This one goes together quickly--I'm sure a welcome relief after the major construction involved with our birdhouse.  

Next week we'll create two GOJUS gift bags with matching tags--one very feminine and one masculine.  Can't wait!!

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